Discover our informative hub for age-related eye health, designed to boost natural tear production and tackle common eye issues through knowledge and targeted solutions


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Boost natural tear production, enhance vision and alleviate discomfort with age-focused eye care tips. Rejuvenate your eye health naturally

Boost natural tear production for optimal eye health with our aging care solutions; alleviate discomfort, enhance vision naturally

iTear100 Benefits

Experience the future of eye health with iTear100! Revolutionary comfort and care that soothes, moisturizes, and protects your eyes effectively.

iTear100 Technology

Discover iTear100: the cutting-edge tech shaping the future. Dive into its revolutionary features and see how it s changing the game!

iTear100 Vs. Eye Drops

Discover the differences between iTear100 and traditional eye drops for dry eye treatment. Explore a detailed comparison and find your ideal solution.


Naturally stimulate tear production, combat common eye issues, and maintain clear vision for better eye health and discomfort relief. Enhance your vision naturally

Keeping your eyes in tip-top shape as you age isn't tricky! Boost natural tear production to relieve discomfort and maintain clear vision.

Reawaken Tears Naturally has revolutionized my eye health. This unique solution has alleviated common eye issues, enhanced my vision and increased natural tear production. The ultimate answer to aging and eye discomfort relief

Reawaken Tears Naturally offers outstanding eye care solutions. It eased my common eye issues, improved natural tear production, and remarkably enhanced vision. Perfect for maintaining eye health and aging gracefully


iTear100 Prescription

Discover iTear100, the breakthrough prescription eye drops for improved vision. Experience the revolutionary change in ocular health and clarity!


iTear100 FAQs

Discover everything about your iTear100 with our concise guide covering FAQs and detailed feature explanations to optimize your experience.


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Get instant help with your i-Tear100 device. Access troubleshooting tips, user support, and comprehensive guidance all in one convenient place.